My Longrich Way To Wealth

You Have More Control Over Your Life, Than You Think! 

Many people believe that life is totally out of their control. As such, they are to accept whatever hand life deals at them. And so, they accept and resign.

I grew up believing that there was something bigger inside of me and all my life, the battle had been to unleash it. For a very long time, I didn’t know how, so I got into so many things…. just looking for myself. I was ready for any kind of ‘hustle’ as long as it was genuine and legit and could bring food on the table. I remember a time in my life when I’d have to wake up very early so I could go to one of the most popular bus tops in Lagos to sell ice blocks… this was happening post my marriage, post corporate job and all.

I did whatever I could, just so life could continue…. It was a matter of life or death.

My hubby had lost his job at some point in the early days of our marriage and I saw firsthand how rough life could get. So, I had that fear. And tell you what it? It still tries to creep in on me. I sometimes catch myself asking, “What if that happens again, would I and the family be good?”  This question and the need to change the narratives is my biggest motivation today. The fact that I wouldn’t want to be a burden to someone or have to relocate to just anywhere because I can’t afford where I want to live. So I told myself, plan ahead, no more surprises…


I Made The Choice…
Presented with the information and a unique opportunity before me, I knew I had a choice to make and that very fast. I asked myself; “are there people that this business is working for?” The answer was “Yes!”. Then I told myself, “It must work for me too”. I took every “No” I got as a stepping stone to the next person. I made the choice to leave my comfort zone and go the extra mile… and today, I am better for it.


The Longrich Way to Wealth
Joining Longrich was one of the best decisions I ever made. There is absolutely no regrets. I have gained what people who worked in good positions for years cannot boast of, in just a few years.

Where does life have you today?

Are you currently in that state where you think you have no control over whatever hand life dealt you and so you’ve resigned to fate and just hustling along?

Are you fighting tooth and nail to break the cycle of lack and poverty?

Are you intently looking for a way to live the kind of life you desire because you know it is possible but just don’t know how to achieve it?

Looking for an opportunity that combines wealth, impact and freedom?

Are you ready to exercise control by making that choice that will alter your life for good?

Then it’s time to join me … let’s build a business for you in Longrich…


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